Monday, March 28, 2016

Sidney Crosby's girlfriend seen with his sister

Taylor Crosby and Kathy Leutner girlfriend of Sidney Crosby

No big shock for NHL journalists and real fans, we all know that Sidney Crosby has been dating bridal/catalogue model Kathryn Leutner, known as Kathy Leutner, for more than eight years. They had small break up around 2010-2011 but they are stronger than ever. Maybe she just needs an engagement  rings she is promoting on sport fan sites and forums. There was a photo of her with Crosby's young sister Taylor in 2008 and again after Olympics in Vancouver, which made a lot of puckbunnies going though the roof. Crosby is close to 30, a lot of puckbunnies gave up but there is still speculation he is single with no official girlfriend. 

Ugly truth is, he has official girlfriend for almost nine years now. Kathy Leutner can send nasty emails to other women, puckbunnies can troll other women on forums or cry what sport journalists say he is attached, yes, he is. She was present at Olympics in Sochi, also with his family. She cut her hair now, it is something called a bob and this photo comes from last summer and girlfriend with family of her partner is official girlfiend, sorry, girls dreamers. 

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