Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sidney Crosby on the cover of Sports Illustrated

I can go with tabloid's way how gain an attention of masses Sidney Crosby kissed..no, not the girl, forget Kate Perry's lyrics, it is Stanley Cup and he landed a cover of Sports Illustrated. Anyway, he was also photographed with Stanley Cup in the bed, my bells say it was Kathy Leutner who was angry he left her behind and he slept with the piece of the metal instead..but Crosby helped Kathy a lot with the modelling if you remember. The girl was a bridezilla model, posing in any wedding dress for any bridal magazine in tender age of 25, years came and passed, she transformed herself into swimsuit model, even lacking any curves or boobs, but it was Crosby's influence who helped her to enter SI model swimsuit research. Yes, they are still a couple. Marriage on the cards? I do not know.

Sidney Crosby Sports Illustrated

I just know a lot of Penguins [fans] will be cheering on the parade in Pittsburgh streets. There will be street closures today, check the route properly. Lord Stanley goes on the tour. It is their fourth cup in the franchise history, two gained during rule of Mario Lemieux, yes, also Jagr, other two are under the belt of the captain Sid the Kid.  He is the 10th NHLer in history who won Conn Smythe Trophy as well as Hart Trophy. He mentioned that he values his second Stanley Cup over the first one. I just add he has also two golds from Olympics. Thank to you all who are reading this fun sport blog and posts, I see an interest of the visitors and readers culminating around the NHL finals and peaking right now. I will blog over the summer with updates, there will be more time to do so, even I will be lost on the holidays or in Scottish Highlands. If you heard other made up news by trio Landon, Michelle Fake Surname or Graver, no, I am not a pregnant, no, I have no anxiety and yes, I leave the house but no, I do not tell where I am. Also why.I do not share a bed with mum, Landon does, he spreads this crap to UFO Robbie Williams and his wife, I dislike boxing, I also do not plan to travel to LA in the autumn, but let's some girls from Jagr's home country who send me crap and are Jagr's niece's friends to dream about shopping and LA - usually their rude comments to my fashion blog are insults how ugly I am but my designer clothes are great. You know, I visibly see Drozdova who has a nose like after crash with Jumbo Joe and x nip tucks, photoshopping herself into alien to wish she has my designer wardrobe or my status of topmodel with my body and brain, but you know...she has couple of weird bags posing with them nonstop, rags from Chinese fashion retailers, a boyfriend living in LA with dad's money and travelling here to visit him, buying here cheap crap clothes, taking them back to Prague and selling them on their so called fashion website as her fashion collection:]] they have none if she will have, she will have money in stock, she will have a storage and she will be nonstop in LA for manufacturing. I am here like twice per year checking my denim, that's all. If Sidney has an apartment in Pittsburgh Downtown. Yes, he has. Why? I do not know. For relax after Kathy Leutner's shopping? Storing Stanley Cup?

Sidney Crosby shopping

More photos of Sid and Kathy shopping in parfume shop in previous posts.

Marketa B. Linden W. exercise diet

Yes I am paid better for sport broadcast than UK based football pundit Gary Lineker but do not tell it to his ex wife Danielle who lives in LA now and plays to be rich girl and big star waiting for her break into film industry in Hollywood ripe age of 37  and without any portfolio and experience. Well, like deluded airhead with airbags Diana Kobzanova, a partner of Micheal Frolik. Yes, they wait for her in Canadian radio stations when she has no previous experience. She got US passport  since a childhood. She could pack bags than posing naked, breaking one marriage with baby on the way, yes, rich soccer player, bedding other athletes and using her body and funny Czech fame to secure a spot in funny radio. No one, female haters and Landon as so called film producer, hold you back. Your lazy bum and hate. I just knocked down a decade younger so called swimsuit model, in reality social media chick posing with swimsuit every day, with my swimsuit photoshoot - yes I have better body and she has horrible blond bleach, and priceless one liner I have my own cab app, on her I have free Uber rides across NYC. With my Look on my curves 92-60-88cm and I can code. Yes, work hard like champions. Do not try to be like them if you sit in the arm chair watching sport on TV. 

Sidney Crosby warrior prince

Sidney Crosby laptop

Small tidbit about Sidney Crosby from my article. No, I am not a dietician, I have no Crosby's media coverage and I do not care. I do not think people should be judged if they have a pot belly or not, but take inspiration for summer from Jonathan Toews reading books, a half about mind and brain, other half about your body. If we come to food, yes, stick to water, like Sidney Crosby, me and co and do not be fooled by crap of certain celebs who are not athletes at all or studied art colleges and are all gluten free but no way crap free. 

Sidney Crosby diet drink water Marketa B. Linden W.

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