Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks WAGs facts

Sorry, not  serious NHL post since NY Islanders have been ousted in Game 5 by Tampa Bay team and I visited games by Prince Harry as well as I have a modelling work in Miami right now, but I got the questions by some of you to my marketing company. Right, say  it is not the way how spam the corporate marketing agency, but I will address it.

A lot of WAGs of Chicago Blackhawks forward their so called private photos to Tumblr account called Chicago Blackhawks WAGs. Lindsey Vecchione is behind her own Tumblr account.

The most prolific sender of own photos to Tumblr Blackhawks WAGs is a new girlfriend of Crawford. Including hints how he buys her designer clothing, she is working here and there and how he is reaching 30 years of age benchmark and he will get hitched:]] She is really tiny and really short, also Elina Hjalmarsson. If they claim they are over 1,6m they are not, it is similar crap like this Czech glamour chick If she had 1,66m or my height 1,68m, her legs are longer. Anyway, if she needs help as TV host by the profi actor [she is former Playboy model using ehm connections than me as a topmodel met educated sport commentator/journo started from scratch in age of 18 in local newspapers], the actor/TV host has the height of Jonathan Toews/Jaromir Jagr, which means super tall 1,88m - 1,9m. Lindsey Vecchione is 1,66m, little shorter than me. You can see many photos how tall she is with and without heels, so you have exact idea how short is this girl or Kristy, Crawfie gf. No way if you are 5'6 like me,  with heels on, you are  reaching your male TV co-host's or Tazer's nose. Just see Lindsey Vecchione. That's why I doubted how tall in reality is new girlfriend of Jagr because Jagr is 1,9 m.

Regarding other questions. Lindsey Vecchione is not celebrating 30th birthday this year, she is born in July 1987, so she is slightly older than Johnny, but she will be 29. Amanda Grahovec is not a girl over 30 but she will be 27 or 28 years old in the fall. She was working as a student in the pub where the Blackhawks like to visit. Lindsey worked for Paris club, so going to Paris in Windy City means a night club, no French capital:]] 

Pavlina Jagrova is a niece of Jaromir Jagr and her surname is not Jagrova, but Kallova. Her brother is Kalla, she was born as  Kallova, her mum was married Kallova, not sure if she crawled back to her maiden name Jagrova, but I do not see a reason why her daughter will do that, except the fact it is famous surname. I do not use Windsor, it is hidden in form of W.

Last question regarding the same story of Elina Hjalmarsson and one Czech nasty blogger who both run the same fabricated story about car accident on the crossroad and red car. The fashion blogger is a friend of Pavlina J, it was the same day, Elina did not post any proof of her shocking accident, it was fabricated and she was so shocked she posted her sexy bikini photos to her IN:]] There is no record in Chicago police records and the same bizarre story was blogged by Czech fashion blogger, no accident but planned fabricated crap and interesting fact, just days after Tesla posted their news about safety and saving car from possible car crash (also on the IN video by Talulah Riley Musk and Stacey Ferreira). I think my crazies socialites are reading too much sci fi passed down their digest system by my crazy jilted exot Arthur Landon. He has nice help by Kate Greer who is a gf of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

Not sure if Tesla CEO made Apple angry by his jibe about graveyard but I was threatened by graveyard by Landon and also my  other stalker who crashed his car, Lloyd Graver, has similar name. Otherwise no links to NHL and fashion or those two CEOs, but Ms Kate Greer posted some nonsense after MET Gala and I heard Jack Dorsey was apparently behind the article with the idea how Apple can buy Tesla Motors and keep Muskrat as a CEO [I bet, seeing Jack Dorsey's script and his Ruler book know how with manipulations, planned kicking off Musk after a purchase:]] but I am not sure if they were behind the ban of Musk from after party in Boom Boom Club, but Jack Dorsey's gf with her mean girls is posing in that club and they are not only mathsy, there are also universe fans. Jack added drones for live streams, well, no satellites:]] Only a founder of Apple was critical of Apple Watch in Australia recently, mentioned he ordered Tesla 3 or E:]] and how his wife had car accident, yes, at the crossroad and red light, so  I bet it is a line Arthur Landon to Kate Greer and as Twitter CEO gf to Jack Dorsey and his manipulations and Landon's little helpers, take it with grain of salt. Dorsey has really 1,8m, he is just lithe bone structure like me, he appears to be tinier, but he is quite tall. His gf uses Photoshop very much and also a lot of Chicago WAGs. Lindsey lost a lot of weight, but she is 1,66m.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Team Canada - From Russia with love and vodka

Canada hockey team

The team Canada was so drunk from vodka after the win over USA that they look more Russian than people from Maple Leaf country. So nice Canadien gentlemen invited couple of Russian girls for exchange of DNA information, learning new languages as well as competition in vodka drinking.  The cherry on the top was VIP invitation to the team's coach but only two girls accepted the offer. One Russian blonde accompanied Ben Hutton to the hotel. Not sure if any super talent will pop out after nine months and drafted to NHL or KHL after x years but booze men on the skates were able to defeat also Hungarian ice hockey players 7:0.

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