Saturday, October 8, 2016

New NHL fighters to watch this season

Forget about hunky Canadians on the skates who can only hold the ice hockey stick in one hand as a support and rival player in the other hand. New NHL fighters can actually skate well as well as Team Canada is not a bunch of fighters anymore but winning gold team of the champions. Who is the wrestler to watch this season?

Dion Phaneuf married an actress but he makes nic boxing drama on the ice in his own production. Just mention couple of his dropped gloves or dancing along the boards. Check his duel with scoring dynamo Zach Parise in 2012 :] What about greeting with Greening?

Some good brawls are always linked with Brandon Schenn, but Schenn and Phaneuf, well, it is Stanley Cup of the fights and the dance of the wolves. Watch:

Good physical presence? Put Matt Martin on your watch list, yes, he can skate and score. Trashtalk is typical weapon how harass the rival player. The master of trash talk? Carcillo, Lapierre. Watch the space. NHL season starts now. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Face Off is out on Monday October 11

Face Off program about ice hockey and NHL is weekly format and it is out on October 11 , so check out. I will be scaring you from TV screens every Monday evening, I am excited to share all news, updates, scores, goals and results of each week in NHL with you.

Sidney Crosby with no puck bunnies

I just hope after yesterday's bad experience with one jealous woman who contacted me on my new Tumblr if I know certain young bloke and if I know who is with him, I am not targeted by more female fans or worse, by deluded puckbunnies.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Why does Canada rule?

Team Canada lost some games in the games prior World Cup but their players did not lose one battle in World Cup. The war consists from the battles and one lost battle does not make a war, but the question is: What does make a perfect army? Commander in chief aka coach Babcock and his preparation, drill exercises, training system and strategy? Maybe? A group of star NHL players? Maybe, but remember, Russia has All Star Team in Sochi and left with the tails between their legs. We can speak about ice hockey being a number one in Canada where any boy breaths for skating and the ice rink is in every village, start with the frozen pond. Yes, they have heroes such as Gretzky, Lemieux or Crosby, Toews. It is a national pride as well as a duty to win in Toronto, Canada, but..

also Team Europe was great. They almost defeated Canada in Game 2 in the finals, so how is it possible? There was no national identity and a pride. It was about a bunch of the players raised in Europe. Florida forward named it perfectly: You need to leave your ego in the locker room. It does not matter who scores the goal. Actually Samkos is a Mr Sniper. Toews is genius on the skates, both way player who can score as well as block the shots and he or anyone else were able to jump into the fired rubber puck, dive and fight, without any hierarchy. They were one team, one breath, one heart beat, they also showed the strength to fight when they were losing against Team Europe. Yes, Tazer's role was smaller in this championship but he did a lot of dirty work as well as many stars doing so called terrain work on the ice rink, blocking, passing pucks instead of amazing figure skating and scoring. 

Other big reason, the forceful game of huge strong bashers known for Team Canada where just 2-3 players were able to score a la Gretzky or Lemieux and the rest just hooked, forchecked and bodychecked rival players is gone. They have fast and great skaters, even Crosby learnt to pass the puck and be a team member, but their new generation is fit athletic amphibian who can play both ways and adjust quickly, reads the game quickly. It was important during our history. You saw where cavemen ended, as a part of  history!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Face Off ice hockey TV program

I was signed to hosting TV program about ice hockey Face Off which is not news, but it is different time, so tune on every Monday evening to spot all great goals, assists, actions on the ice, stats and facts. I am not covering ice hockey as a commentator on the radio or on TV anymore during NHL seasons for the obvious reasons - travel, it is really tiring to be on the road trips but I am grateful for this opportunity if you are writing, commenting and so on, enjoy it. 

The podcasts of Face Off will be paid because they own the license, copyright and it is good protection against pirates and trolls. I am sure they will be something offered free on the podcast or on the net. Are you ready for the new NHL season?