Friday, November 25, 2016

New NHL team next year

NHL spread the wings and Las Vegas Golden Knights who were approved by June 22 will join the season within 11 months. Well, next year. Las Vegas is not exactly icy place with real ice hockey plays but it is a town or city of the sin, money and visitors. The owners claim they will have always packed ice arena due to the gambling tourists flocking to Las Vegas.

Not sure if there new NHL players will be Jaromir Jagr and a new god father is named Prince Harry, but their arena looks fantastic. Meanwhile it builds realisation team, originally 20, 40 now and growing, new executives named. Once rescue centre to rebel Peter Nedved, the new NHL franchise has big plans in pipelines. They revealed new logo and jersey - gray, black and gold. What else than gold in the city where people await for gold Midas touch in the casinos. “The knight never gives up, never gives in, always advances, never retreats,” said Bill Foley, the team’s majority owner. “And that’s what our team is going to be.” 

They build a practice centre in Summerlin and they try to recruit new season ticket holders. Does the dream of having ice hockey team in the desert crazy? Well, they footed the bill of $500 mils to join the league. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Erik Karlsson proposed by pizza

We have seen Erik Karlsson with his girlfriend walking around Italian piazzas every summer but he has to be huge fan of Italian cuisine judging on his weird proposal with the ring hidden in the pizza. Cry girls, like a wolf or wolverine. He is taken, he is off the market, at least the dating one if not for NHL trade. He has been dating his girlfriend Melinda Currey for longer time. And he visibly likes pizza, check his IN feed from last year, he toned his arms with two of them.

Erik Karlsson girlfriend

Creative this time? No. He just placed a ring in the box into the middle of pizza masterpiece. In the restaurant. he did not bake it or make it. He scores goals. He scored with this one. And he asked people to take the photos of happy couple aka them in the restaurant after the proposal. Trust me he did not tell No:]] Congrats!

Erik Karlsson and girlfriend

and typical jealous deluded fan girls puck bunnies roasted her months ago before she was asked officially to be his wife, s prepare for wave of abuse, I am also popular target, without dating any NHler:]]

Melinda Erik Karlsson crazy trolls

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Is Kadri planning to be a puncher?

Kadri was always a fixture of Toronto Maple Leafs for some times but audience saw different Kadri in last two games in Western Conference games. He can score goals and he netted 6 and added 12 assistances this season which is impressive start on his side as he was less capable in last seasons, but he is very physical as well as vocal. That's the change. He almost escaped from sitting for couple of games and suspension after his brutal hit on Daniel Sedin of Vancouver Canucks. And there was other attack on other player, also good scoring machine.

Is Kadri going to be physical? Taking hits, giving hits. Also Jonathan Toews changed his attitude and dropped gloves in last season but there is a difference between the new way of playing on Kadri's side and two way centre like Toews who likes to grow vertical gardens and was scouted by Musk family. Kadri seems to be growing trees but not in Prince Charles's hugging way, he is on every lips like other Toronto shouting wannabe Meghan Markle and his tree building is stopping scoring machines of rival teams to score. It is apparently his new way of playing - score for your team and block opportunities of rival team, which means to block and hit.

“He’s more of a dancer than he is a boxer,” Rielly said. “He’s skilled, a good skater and he has all the aspects of the game you want in a top-six guy. For him to be able to do that — score goals, make plays and also play against the best players in the world and keep them off the score sheet — that’s pretty impressive.” It means in his micro world that he also acts like a shadow of any rival scoring supremo, like Connor McDavid, who was followed by him, until he hit him (or tried to hit on him: as his crush:)) with every moment, but daresay, Kadri is scoring goals,certainly as new type of physical player.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Jonathan Toews seen at the Cubs finals

The captain of Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews was spotted at the game of other Chicago based popular sport team, Cubs. He actually posted a selfie on his Instagram, with his girlfriend of 4 years, on his side. The both teams of Windy Town share not just cheers for each other but also fitness tips how stretch the body. if you spotted Tazer doing pilates, he took an advice of one Cubs player. 

Jonathan Toews Lindsey Vecchione at the Cubs game

Regarding his girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione, ok, she had some past as trashy looking bottle girl in the nightclub, but she has never been naked, she does not hurt you - if she does by the fact it is not you on Tazer's side, well, wake up. She does not send me nasty stuff like some oh I am so well bread socialites not just from NHL - well, one is from NHL, and Tazer is amazing athlete and sport star but no way he is running to be PM of Canada, US president as well as he is not crown prince of UK and if we look into crotch watch squad who married into UK and Swedish royal family. If we look on Lindsey's work as a hair stylist, even part time, and her help with charities, say Tazer's charity with kids with special needs, she is doing fine and better than Kate Middleton prior and after marriage. You can buy better clothes, you can tame horrible brown tan or get better hair, but you will not change a character or personality and buy new jersey and hockey stick and play NHL games it will never make you new Crosby or Toews.

Lindsey Vecchione

Lindsey is pretty girl, she toned down her look and as many my male friends, who do charity and are nice, their partners work and are nice. Everyone has some history and you can see reverse way on Kate Middleton when you rant how trashy Lindsey Vecchione looked, she looks like nice girl next door compared to next UK Queen who from plain Jane morphed into Easter egg with orange tan and horrible thick eyebrows, after the marriage with the royal and she did not work at all!! LV is just dating an athlete and if you wish to be dating an athlete, well, find one and stop trolling.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

New NHL fighters to watch this season

Forget about hunky Canadians on the skates who can only hold the ice hockey stick in one hand as a support and rival player in the other hand. New NHL fighters can actually skate well as well as Team Canada is not a bunch of fighters anymore but winning gold team of the champions. Who is the wrestler to watch this season?

Dion Phaneuf married an actress but he makes nic boxing drama on the ice in his own production. Just mention couple of his dropped gloves or dancing along the boards. Check his duel with scoring dynamo Zach Parise in 2012 :] What about greeting with Greening?

Some good brawls are always linked with Brandon Schenn, but Schenn and Phaneuf, well, it is Stanley Cup of the fights and the dance of the wolves. Watch:

Good physical presence? Put Matt Martin on your watch list, yes, he can skate and score. Trashtalk is typical weapon how harass the rival player. The master of trash talk? Carcillo, Lapierre. Watch the space. NHL season starts now. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Face Off is out on Monday October 11

Face Off program about ice hockey and NHL is weekly format and it is out on October 11 , so check out. I will be scaring you from TV screens every Monday evening, I am excited to share all news, updates, scores, goals and results of each week in NHL with you.

Sidney Crosby with no puck bunnies

I just hope after yesterday's bad experience with one jealous woman who contacted me on my new Tumblr if I know certain young bloke and if I know who is with him, I am not targeted by more female fans or worse, by deluded puckbunnies.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Why does Canada rule?

Team Canada lost some games in the games prior World Cup but their players did not lose one battle in World Cup. The war consists from the battles and one lost battle does not make a war, but the question is: What does make a perfect army? Commander in chief aka coach Babcock and his preparation, drill exercises, training system and strategy? Maybe? A group of star NHL players? Maybe, but remember, Russia has All Star Team in Sochi and left with the tails between their legs. We can speak about ice hockey being a number one in Canada where any boy breaths for skating and the ice rink is in every village, start with the frozen pond. Yes, they have heroes such as Gretzky, Lemieux or Crosby, Toews. It is a national pride as well as a duty to win in Toronto, Canada, but..

also Team Europe was great. They almost defeated Canada in Game 2 in the finals, so how is it possible? There was no national identity and a pride. It was about a bunch of the players raised in Europe. Florida forward named it perfectly: You need to leave your ego in the locker room. It does not matter who scores the goal. Actually Samkos is a Mr Sniper. Toews is genius on the skates, both way player who can score as well as block the shots and he or anyone else were able to jump into the fired rubber puck, dive and fight, without any hierarchy. They were one team, one breath, one heart beat, they also showed the strength to fight when they were losing against Team Europe. Yes, Tazer's role was smaller in this championship but he did a lot of dirty work as well as many stars doing so called terrain work on the ice rink, blocking, passing pucks instead of amazing figure skating and scoring. 

Other big reason, the forceful game of huge strong bashers known for Team Canada where just 2-3 players were able to score a la Gretzky or Lemieux and the rest just hooked, forchecked and bodychecked rival players is gone. They have fast and great skaters, even Crosby learnt to pass the puck and be a team member, but their new generation is fit athletic amphibian who can play both ways and adjust quickly, reads the game quickly. It was important during our history. You saw where cavemen ended, as a part of  history!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Face Off ice hockey TV program

I was signed to hosting TV program about ice hockey Face Off which is not news, but it is different time, so tune on every Monday evening to spot all great goals, assists, actions on the ice, stats and facts. I am not covering ice hockey as a commentator on the radio or on TV anymore during NHL seasons for the obvious reasons - travel, it is really tiring to be on the road trips but I am grateful for this opportunity if you are writing, commenting and so on, enjoy it. 

The podcasts of Face Off will be paid because they own the license, copyright and it is good protection against pirates and trolls. I am sure they will be something offered free on the podcast or on the net. Are you ready for the new NHL season?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Next World Cup yes, Olympic Games for NHL no

Money prevailed over the heart and national pride, said couple of NHL players who wanted to play in South Korea at Olympic Games. NHL decided about the ban for NHL players at next Olympics due to the high danger of injuries, health insurance and zero income from Olympics for NHL. But World Cup gets blessing for the next year, because it brings nice profit into pockets of NHL. Read the older article how much they get into their coffers.

New plans are made for next year, they plan also European leg of the tour, perhaps Germany or Switzerland for the sake of drawing bigger crowd and increasing popularity of ice hockey oversea. Well, let's see, My Face Off program starts soon, every Monday, so stay tuned. Yes, there will be some podcast.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Canada in the finals

The audience of WHC 2017 saw amazing circus packed with the actions, scoring by the captain Sidney Crosby, quick responses by the Russians, and see saw game play, leading to Canadian win over Russia 5:3. If Ovechkin is stuck with the pain to score and he sent only Toews onto the boards, Crosby proved them wrong and ruled during the game. Three goals were speaking loudly. His opener was again wrap around dance and it was Team Canada who had better puck possession during the game, with the Russians breathing on their necks and trying to tie. 

Sidney Crosby's opener against Russia

Kucherov responded in the second period and tied the results to 1:1, Kuznecov stirred the pot after couple of minutes and his pass to Dadonov landed behind Price's backs. The Russia was in the saddle with 2:1 but Canada bounced back in the last period. It was Bonfire night for Crosby's crew - Marchand's wrist shot increased their chances to 3:2, and it was 5:2 in the middle of the last period, when two goals were added by Perry and Tavares. Panarin tried to save Russia scoring their third goal in the end of the game but without chance, 5:3 for Canada who is in the finals of WHC 2017 and fighting for the gold. Again. 

Jonathan Toews taking thumble by Alexander Ovechkin

Canada: Price - S. Weber, Vlasic, Doughty, Bouwmeester, Burns, Pietrangelo - P. Bergeron, Crosby, Marchand - Perry, Toews, Couture - Stamkos, Getzlaf, Tavares - Duchene, R. O’Reilly, J. Thornton. Coach: Mike Babcock.

Russia: Bobrovsky - Zajcev, Orlov, Jemelin, Markov, Marchenko, Kulikov, Nesterov - Tarasenko, Kuznecov, Ovechkin - Panarin, Malkin, Kulyomin - Kucherov, Anisimov, Namestnikov - Dadonov, Telegin. Coach: Oleg Znarok.

Corey Perry after scoring goal for Canada

Friday, September 23, 2016

Toews in, Kane out

Patrick Kane had -2 points yesterday in the game against Czech republic where they lost 3:4 and they are out compared to his team mate captain Jonathan Toews who scored two goals in the last game and his Team Canada will meet Russia in the semifinals of WHC 2016. 

If Kane had better season in the jersey of Chicago Blackhawks, Toews does not let anyone rain on his parade during World Cup and Canadian team is unstoppable machine without one break or lost. Sidney Crosby said recently about Toews is "He has that ability and that knack to step up in big games." Jonathan Toews sees a game with Russians in positive light: There is a good rivalry with the Russians and it's going to be a good.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

World Cup: Canada - Team Europe 4:1

Canadian squad of Maple Leaf is in the semifinals and they will face either Russia or Team America. Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews secured the top spot in Group A with his two goals, when Canada trashed Team Europe 4:1 yesterday. If they lost the game against USA in preparation, there is still zero lost game in World Cup and it is all what matters.

Two captains started the raid of Team Europe with the first two goals - Sidney Crosby's wrap around goal at 4:01 and Jonathan Toews at 19:05. His buddy from the Hawks Marian Hossa who rented him his Downtown Condo where Tazer liked to fall asleep on the smellie throne or in the bath tube under the window when he was drunk like a fish, took his revenge in the second period when he attacked his other team mate Corey Crawford in the rival net from the left circle and the puck said Hello on his journey behind Crawfie's backs - the first goal of Team Europe at 4:38. The banter shuttle bus between two team mates did not stop and Toews as a copycat of Marian Hossa  increased score for his country in the end of the second period, 3:1, also firing from the left circle. Still better to see nice action by Crosby's opener how he circled around the net and shoveled it between Halak's poles. Still better than beating around the bush:]] Funny enough Crosby has more assists than Tiews but Toews sent a pass on Logan Couture's stick in the third period  and they created final result 4:1. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

I am not a star anymore, Jagr said

Jaromir Jagr Veronika Nettle

Jaromir Jagr was mentioned by Team Canada many times, he was missed and mentioned by younger player from San Jose NHL franchise as a star, but when he appeared at Prague airport, he said to iSport reporter: I am not a star anymore, buddy.

Jaromir Jagr Veronika Nettle

He was watching a game with winning 6:0 streak for Canada, against Czech republic, in the night, couple of hours before his departure to USA. Maybe he was tired, maybe he was disappointed. There are different faces of national squads compared to famous goal in Nagano against Canada. NHLers are on the roster of national teams, the squads are stronger and the athletes are better prepared, in some case, Czech players are weaker. Jagr is one who is hard working athlete in any aspect, he is 45 years old, works hard like any 20 years old and he is still living legend. He said he cannot help in World cup and he knows what he needs to prepare for next demanding NHL season. My opinion - Czech team needs more mini Jagrs with work ethic, but with better team spirit, something what they miss recently. I do not miss Jagr's new horror frock, or say his pole dancer's wannabe horror frock based on chavvy mix of sweatpants with designer bag and statement jewelry..chav if you copy it as a legend aka daddy and kid baby girl.

Jaromir Jagr Veronika Nettle

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How much cost World Cup for NHL?

Olympic games were only see as potential seriously taken competition for NHL and NHL players. World Cup, World Championship was based on minor or almost retired players and NHL rebelling if Olympic slot threatened their schedule of fast paced games. This time is over. 

There is still big question about health insurance of some start players, that's why they withdraw from World Cup. Other players want their free time or were just insulted by previous rejections from national squad - Hudler, but majority of NHL stars is on World Cup rosters of their teams. Crosby is a captain of Team Canada, Ovechkin will shine for Team Russia. 

There is other reason why NHL run open game in the winter for thousands of fans or World Cup - financial aspect and gain. They will get just $60 mil bucks income from World Cup, a half of this goes to the coffers of NHLPA. Not bad reason to say no to NHL players to be on the rosters.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Sidney Crosby and the girlfriend

Crosby, Toews are nominated to World Cup. Sidney Crosby was named a captain of Team Canada but the pre season before the games kick off is long and quite boring for some not real sport fans. Call them puck bunnies. We know that term. They call names any WAG and female sport journalist around NHLers. I will show you photos of Kathy Leutner who was actually recognized as his girlfriend in public recently - posed at Stanley Cup winning game, but the nasty women cannot get over the fact he is attached or they try to find some flaws.

Kathy Leutner Sidney Crosby

OK, I am not big fan of Kathy Leutner, but no way she is fat. She is a model, good looking and no, she does not use Photoshop. She is still good looking, although she is not high fashion model. She has never claimed she is. Any woman on close up looks bigger than she is, shame we cannot see those stunning superbrainy and supermodel like female trolls, their slim toned honed bodies behind PC screens. No, Kathy Leutner is not a cashier and she did not model for Ralph Lauren. RL is too far for her, but she did model for many typical brands  and she still does catalogues, no worry about her income.

Puck bunnies talk Kathy Leutner Lindsey Vecchione

Jonathan Toews is 6'2 I am sure trolls can google and it is said in any official statistics. Lindsey Vecchione is my height of 5'6 and you can easily spot it when the couple is standing next to each other. She was bottle girl in the nightclub, hardly strange job, it is a way how Tazer has found her. If you are jealous of her, well, you should apply for that position. And yes, the silly disputes who is worse looking, Tazer's gf or almost wife of Crosby is still entertaining until the real games start. I cannot wait! If you wish to see really bad Photoshop fail, check this face filter - the sharp border (do not skip her heavy make up) on my troll and Jagr's crazy fan Michelle Kenneth - fake surname, real age 47.

Michelle Kenneth crazy Jagr's fan

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Detroit Red Wings have the best customer service

Philadelphia Flyers started their sweating in the gym, cyclist cycled for the charity linked with Boston Bruins, the best award for the best PR support and detailed players info and stats when I was hit with the fever and lost voice in the spring 2013 goes to the Canes and the customer service is apparently the best in Motortown. 

Detroit Red Wings

Not sure if they have a lot of people trained in the factories of Michigan as I am with full stream into Taxiwooz and small vehicles for cab sharing, but NHL survey amongst ticket holders says a story how good Red Wings are. That's good, Uber tries to plan their promoted stories into UK Glamour but they started to think about real customer line recently lol. The Red Wings franchise gained 9,4 points compared to average 8.7. They have also nice bounce, just 5 per cent of former season ticket holders did not crawl back or they wait. Maybe on the holidays. The Red Wings tries to charm as well as season ticket holders as well as customer service workers with all treats and tricks to be happy and satisfied. Let's see if they reach Stanley Cup like many times before in their heydays.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer in NHL

NHL season is off, the ice hockey players will just start the first phase of their off ice training. What they do in the summer? Jonathan Toews is back to his Manitoba lake house, fishing and moaning that Lindsey girlfriend always catches the bigger fish. He also enjoyed other water activity -the jump into the lake. Hope he will not start diving like Sidney Crosby, who was hated for that in Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are fans of the stretching and yoga. You will get one ticket free if you join them for a lesson of the yoga. Their players were doing similar funny moves last season.
Philadelphia Flyers

Ben Lovejoy enjoyed Stanley Cup in his hometown, other skaters talked about concussion, say Gabriel Landeskog from Colorado Avalanche. Some golf for Johnny Gaudreau  and Scholarship Golf Tournament. Or 24 hours bike challenge by Carolina Hurricanes.
Carolina Hurricanes

Sunday, July 24, 2016

New ice arena for NY Islanders

Barclays Center Brooklyn

NY Islanders moved once and they think again about packing their bags and relocate from Barclays Arena, based in Brooklyn, NYC. They keep dreaming about new hockey arena next to Citi Field in Flushing and the change of the owner is cited as a reason but the talks about moving is apparently couple months old. The Islanders cooperate with Mets. The Islanders claim that Barclays new arena is too small for NHL scale. There were problems with the quality of ice as well as train connection for the fans. The attendance was around 13.000 per a game. Max attendance is 18.000.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sidney Crosby with Kathy Leutner in Cole Harbour

Sidney Crosby as the captain of Pittsburgh Penguins celebrated win of Stanley Cup in his hometown Cole Harbour. Forget his Sea King chopper hired for this event like last time and hide and seek with his girlfriend Kathy Leutner, who is seen on this photo. Her hair cut off into shorter bob, her bottle blonde gone and hair colour more subtle. She is cheering properly.

Sidney Crosby and Kathy Leutner Stanley Cup

He also visited his hockey school for little ice hockey players and more events. See previous post. As NHL season is coming, let's pay attention to proper hockey news once again.

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Phil Kessel and cancer kids

Phil Kessel have spent six seasons in Toronto but he won Stanley Cup with new team Pittsburgh Penguins and Stanley cup travelled with him to Toronto, Canada. The player who scored 36 goals this season, visited children fighting cancer in the hospital. Touching moment. Very kind.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dallas and Tampa Bay secured their stars

Dallas Stars as well as Tampa Bay Lightnings secured the future of their stars with new signed contracts. Dallas Stars prolonged the contract to their captain Jamie Benn, up to 2025. Still injured Jamie Benn will pocket nice $76 millions. He was drafted by the Dallas franchise in 2007 and it seems he will spend all his career on the roster of one team. He has 89 points from last season, nice showcase of productivity for off radar yet hard working player who is a nephew of famous David Barr.Some tweets: Ugh, you BETTER be wrong about the $8.5 mil AAV. Marchand ain't Jamie Benn. Not worth more than $6.5 million a year.

Jamie Benn Dallas Stars

Canadian forward Alex Killorn increased his annual income thanks to new contract with Tampa Bay Lightnings. He agreed with them on new seven years contract - $31,15 mils which almost double his annual income. He also scored almost a third of his regular season's record of goals in the play off - 5 goals in the play offs, 14 goals in the regular season. He comes from Halifax, like Sidney Crosby, and he studied Harvard Uni.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bryan Bickell welcomes new kid

Bryan Bickell left Chicago Blackhawks after 9 years and was praised by captain Jonathan Toews who is recently busy chasing shadows in Arizona with his girlfriend and LSD friends, but Bickell will have hands full. Moving out to new town, fitness training before new season and new addition to the family. He has welcomed the second daughter yesterday.

The small tot is called by special name  Kinslee like her older sister Makayla. The Bickell family unit runs dog charity and two dogs are part of their family circle. Bickell was signed to Carolina Hurricanes recently. He loves pitbulls. 

Bryan Bickell Jonathan Toews

Bickell's older daughter is his spiteful image. What do you think? Also small boy of Niklas Hjalmarsson.

Bryan Bickell daughter

Sidney Crosby, Stanley Cup and Halifax

Jonathan Toews wrapped up filming his commercial in Toronto today, meeting for one day with Sidney Crosby for the same call of duty in the same city, but JT is skipping his duties to attend Chicago Blackhawks event for the fans and Sidney Crosby brings Stanley Cup to his hometown.

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup Halifax

The cup is accompanies by its bodyguard, today is ,fun' day and tomorrow is a parade across the town and private event. 

Sidney Crosby Stanley Cup Halifax

He visited Camp Hill Veterans Services in Halifax and spoke with a lot of kids as his huge fans.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Las Vegas expansion with news

New addition to Western Conference as new NHL franchise Las Vegas will name new GM and also received new nicks. Suggestions of some logos, mottos and nicks are pretty funny. Just have a look:]]

Las Vegas Flamingos

OK, off topic flamingos

Las Vegas Outlaws

Las Vegas as Sin City has never been short of outlaws and big wigs

Las Vegas Strippers

Other feature, hidden one, hush hush of Sin City, also new fitness way how keep fit. Big attraction for many NHLers.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jonathan Toews and his birthday girl

There are some talks that Patrick Kane's girlfriend Amanda Grahovec is older than Kaner and she is 30. It is not true and also Lindsey Vecchione, a partner of captain of Chicago Blackhawks is just a year older than Tazer. She celebrated her 29th birthday now and no, they are still not engaged. I am sure when they will be, they will post it. 

Jonathan Toews and birthday wish

Lindsey Vecchione birthday

Jonathan Toews wished to his girlfriend Lindsey all the best to her birthday. We also saw some Lindsey's birthday celebration back in Chicago where she lives with Jonathan Toews.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jonathan Toews wild wet party

Get over TayTo aka Taylor and Tom's July4th wet and seaside fun and forget Stanley Cup celebrations by Pittsburgh Penguins by Mario's swimming pool. There is better kiddo on the block, in da town, on the ice..Jonathan Toews. The image of Captain Serious is gone now. He melted and punched this season, he struggled and he ended at the bottom of his stats, but he is starting to show his wilder hidden side.

Lindsey Vecchione birthday party

All kicked off with birthday party for Lindsey Vecchione. Although she looks cute on the photo, the video says other thing. Lindsey and Tazer look both smashed properly in the videos. Some tweets by Jonathan Toews supporting LSD raised eyebrows in ice hockey pond recently and it looks like he skates on dangerous ice rink. He was always into fun during summer break but there was still cap what's over the top and limit. He is off rails now. Not just for smoking the pot..for Aubrey and his crap etc...

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sidney Crosby's golf holiday

Sidney Crosby golf

We can say we know what Sidney Crosby is doing during summer time. He stays in Pittsburgh, sorry, Halifax, no return to his homeland, maybe not for a while. He did not start his fitness preparation - usually LA, California and Boulder, Colorado. He is playing golf. Not so bad, it is a sport where you walk a lot, you play against yourself and it is good sport up to the ripe age. He is still sophomore:]] 

Sidney Crosby golf

Well, he does not walk a lot, he is using golf cart like Patrick Kane did in Las Vegas.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Free agency for NHL

Paradise for NHL free agents signing kicked off. Who are winners and losers? Do NHL team count injured and lost souls on their rosters? Who is licking wounds and who is singing Ode to joy? Tampa Bay Lightnings comes to my mind. They secured already injured but important fixture of their squad, Steve Stamkos. He is not gone, other teams cleared cap space. How?

The captain of Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews, busy in Arizona with his LSD, open relationship fan and fitness guru Aubrey, tweeted excitement from the return of Brian Campbell. Just for one season but he was playing in Florida and helped them to secure Stanley Cup. Bickell left the team. Shuttle bus was busy between Nashville Predators and Montreal Canadians. The Predators acquired PK Subban, big deal, offensive d-man, handy man. 

Two Canadian teams from the west frontline are fighting well but they lack experience of the veterans. Experienced Milan Lucic might help to change their way of thinking. Hall is gone, Lucic in, let's see changes alongside young talent Jesse Pujujarvi. The Flames sealed the contract with other veteran called Troy Brouwer, the net will be secured by Brian Elliott. Enough to stabilize the room for defensive actions and open field for young guns to score. 

NJ Devils will not miss my troll Michelle Kenneth, real name Michelle Hatcher but they poached properly. The first trophy is Taylor Hall, I bet his crazy puck bunnies are moving to East Coast with him, but Shero fished well in his former Pittsburgh pond which is visible. How great Ben Lovejoy is a free agent. Other Pittsburgh boy Beau Bennett is also on their roster. Here we go to the big signings. Yes, big pay cheques and big long contracts. Who is behind the drama? 

Florida Panthers secured their two players who could be free agent birds - Keith Yandle and Jason Demers. Quite bargain here. Aaron Ekblad once rookie compared to the supertalent Crosby is another cup of coffee. The Panthers aka Kittens with the mittens jailed him for eight years paying worth $60 million. The goalie James Reimer was signed for five years, $17 million as a replacement for Roberto Luongo. Do not cry, guys, because my espresso will become coffee luongo, Roberto has only hip injury, no hip replacement. Vincent Trocheck agreed on a six-year, $28.5 million deal.

Pavel Datsyuk said farewell in better style than run away bride Maggie to Detroit Red Wings but they offered the six years deal for $31.5 million to Frans Nielsen and he agreed to become Datsyuk's clone. Thomas Vanek will net  $2.6 million next season. Dallas Stars signed Dan Hamhuis for two years at $3.75 million per season. Eric Staal landed a three-year deal worth $10.5 million in Minnesota Wild. Changes continues. Stay tuned.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Jagr at film festival

It is years and years back when Jaromir Jagr ordered his horse driven carriage to be ready for pale fragile blonde dressed in pink floaty dress looking like me and we spotted for the first time his niece Pavlina, who has real surname Kallova if she does not changed into Jagrova, for better branding. We always missed Jagr in Carlsbad, Czech republic at film festival. He was present in famous spa town for hockey award, it is about movies this time and a special secret promo for Jagr, who checked his gambling on iPhone all the time. 

Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr ponytail

His new partner, pole dancer Veronika ,Nettle' apparently wanted to step at the red carpet and feel the magic of the celebrity, because she already posed at the walk of fame in Lalaland but we know airheads. Jagr has also new head, new hair style, new beard, but silver in his facial hair reflects his real age of 44, the infantile tee is funny enough. I actually like the dress of his bedmate. I bet we need to adjust to the NHL major trend - flip flops. I warned you!:]]

Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr Veronika Koprivova

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stamkos stays, other leave

Changes on the NHL rosters are quick, some franchises gained big names, other players will become free agents soon. Steve Stamkos will not change a jersey for next eight year and he stays in the locker room of Tampa Bay. He joined their roster in 2008 and 8 are his lucky numbers. His next 8 years in the Lightnings jersey gains him nice $68 mils. Not bad. 

Steve Stamkos

Not the legend but a rookie, 21 years old Seth Jones signed 6 years deal with Columbus Blue Jackets, skyrocketing annual salary goes from rookie level of $925.000 to $5,4 mils. He was acquired from Nashville and it looks like he will stay for a while in Columbus. Columbus tied with one more talented young player, Pierre Luc Dubois. He signed for next three years.

P K Subban

Big transfers happen across NHL. The biggest one is Weber ft Subban. Shea Weber packs the bags from Nashville for cold Montreal, exchanged for P.K. Subban. Yes, that D man who is always mentioned by me as great strong man who is able to drag my suitcases along the way. Montreal Canadians GM Marc Bergevin called this transfer as the best time of his life, he was very amused from Weber's arrival. He has still ten years contract and he belongs to the most expensive NHL players, which means that the Canadians will fork approx. $7.85 mils each year for next decade, Subban will gain around $9 mils for next six years. 

Shea Weber

Friday, June 24, 2016

Sidney Crosby's tumble dryer Do you remember?

Sidney Crosby tumble dryer

I crumble, I stumble...Do you remember the old tumble dryer of Sidney Crosby, hidden in the basement of his parents' house in Cole Harbour? As training facility to hone his shooting skills of NHL sniper? The cute video how he placed more pucks into the drum than his friend? Not bad for the career as haus man or trying that on the robots helping with the household tasks, but so good, funny history. It is a lot of years. You can spot his tumble dryer in the museum as a part of history:]] And Sid the Kid is going to be 30 soon.Their dented dryer is located in  Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame, you  can see his cute video with Max Talbot for one brand below:

Sidney Crosby as a child and his famous dryer:]

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NHL Awards 2016 Las Vegas

No, I am not coming to cover this event, but Patrick Kane was spotted buzzing around the golf pitch at the cart similar to my fantasy Taxiwooz urban vroom vroom toy. The hockey players will have more chances to do it, including Jagr's favourite casino nights, fun in Sin City, because Las Vegas franchise will join NHL in Western Conference next season. Meanwhile, the big event takes place tonight here. 

Patrick Kane Las Vegas award 2016

It is known NHL Awards and we will know who's exactly winner of certain price. Just add, Kaner's friend Jonathan Toews will not be present. Sidney Crosby yes and more stars. Other question. Who will be on the cover of new NHL game?

NHL awards 2016 Las Vegas