Friday, April 29, 2016

Sidney Crosby shopping with Kathy Leutner

Kathy Leutner girlfriend of Sidney Crosby parfume

If you miss any relevant information regarding NHL play offs, Pittsburgh Penguins will clash with Washington Capitals, maybe just face to face it will be Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. They dislike each other...hey no,  there is always dancing on the ice when it comes to his wrestling with Claude Giroux, but Ovi  and Sid were compared to each other when they were rookies. Crosby was rumoured to be celebrating passing the first test of fire when reached second round of the play offs and maybe he was nice and he listened to Kathy Leutner who is always begging for new purchase. 

Sidney Crosby shopping with Kathy Leutner

Yes, girls, incredible, you spotted Sid almost 30 years old Kid in the shop, with his on off girlfrend Kathy. I am sure she was happy and you are happy you saw Big Foot [skate]. I am not sure if Crosby picked any parfume for himself, I also do not hope he will pose with his eyes like pucks in parfume commercials like Christiano Ronaldo, anyway, Ovi and Sid are equal rivals landing endorsement for Kleenex:]] Sid also looks like hes better with his moustache and he perhaps borrows a hair straightener from his girlfriend, otherwise I cannot explain to myself why his curly hair is gone. 

Sidney Crosby new hair style

It is Ovi's spy dressed like Russian cossack behind Sid with the former East Germanian blue movie's actor's moustache. OMG Cold war is  coming again!! Next time - serious NHL reporting.

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