Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sidney Crosby kissed the girlfriend

Puckbunnies, go to shop for Sidney Crosby's multimillion sponsor deal - Kleenex. He kissed the girl. I mean his girlfriend, for the first time in the public. Yes, we know he has  with her on and off since 2007 and she was also present during his first win of Stanley Cup, but puckbunnies waiting to snatch Crosby to themselves deny any existence of a woman around him. It was an issue for her visible presence at Olympics in Sochi, why I received so many hateful comments after Olympics in Vancouver 2010 but it is the first time that he crawled out with Kathy Leutner.

Sidney Crosby kissing Kathy Leutner

Her first name is Kathryn, no Katherine, Kathryn Ann, as mine is like from Faust - Marketa Helena, but if you do not plan a blast off, except crazy puck bunnies who give up after seeing his photos snogging her after the winning game in the front of cameras, check also photos with WAGs and a booze. Yes, the Penguins tradition, Mario's swimming pool party.

Sidney Crosby, Kathy Leutner and family

Yes, guys, or stalking trolls, because Crosby or me or anybody do not publish a photo of their other half and keeps tight lipped it does not mean he/she is waiting for you, asexual, bad, or no partner. Crosby was always paranoid about his privacy, no way to get hitched to the chick he was spotted with like anyone in British royal family, well, chicks certainly, he also claimed he is known and people love to lurk into his private life. Well, he was no US superstar and Kathy is not Gisele Bundchen making a super power couple, but bear in mind that Crosby is like Disneyland kid star, being paraded since his early childhood in the spotlight as magical kiddo, so yes, this step is quite big step, when he showed Leutner to the rest of the world. 

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