Friday, February 12, 2016

Hat trick for Eberle

Edmonton Oilers won over Toronto Maple Leafs and Jordan Eberle became a sniper of the team with hat trick. His third goal travelled into an empty-net with 54 seconds remaining in a 5-2 win.His line gained 13 points and each pass  for Eberle's trio of goals came by courtesy of Connor McDavid who also forced way for his two scoring wins in the game against the Leafs.

Jordan Berle hat trick

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beauty in the net - Marleuau and Holtby

The NHL fans see Sidney Crosby in phenomenal condition scoring beautiful goals and gaining four points in the game, his solo attack finished with the goal was made for Colloseum. The league saw other beauties in the net, amazing slap shot goal by Patrick Marleau which gave the Sharks 1-0 lead. 

The goalies are the last person in the net blocking the shots and Holtby was a hero of the night, with his save. His pads denied Shea Webber any chance to score like Sid the Kid. Maybe he needs solo trip and get Holtby out of the cage.

Jaromir Jagr has new girlfriend - blonde model

Jaromir Jagr new girlfriend Veronika Koprivova
Jaromir Jagr new girlfriend Veronika Koprivova
Jaromir Jagr new girlfriend Veronika Koprivova

Jaromir Jagr is not exactly paranoid type of my jilted admirer Arthur Landon who also feeds our London set with nonsense about me and former NHLer Petr Nedved, that's why men like Hugo Taylor want to appear older, silver fox hair image included. Jagr isn't exactly young for NHL battles but he knows how to be the best scoring machine for his new team Florida Panthers, once mocked by me as kittens in the mittens. My hater Michelle Kenneth who ogled cheap tickets to Florida to see her husband Jagr, sent to her by God, as she has voices, will cry the river, because Jagr's new girlfriend just confirms my words from my post. It is blonde, young model. Again.

Jaromir Jagr new girlfriend Veronika Koprivova

No, wait, his typical choice was always young model with brown hair. The change came with Inna, this one is also bleach beach beauty, with eyebrows matching any wannabe and Jagr's hockey sticks. She also loves his gambling, great shaped legs, ticket to Miami, posing by the pool in his Miami condo complex where he lives. She isn't exactly Veronika Varekova but Jagr was always happy with local beauty pageants with no higher aspirations than landing rich athlete. Good luck to couple, hope the chick gives up her cheap blonde bleach - seek inspiration by Lindsey Vecchione - and dark thick wannabe eyebrows. Goalie Mrazek didnt give him chance this time but veteran Jagr keeps strong by having young chicks on his arms. Boys, JT, take notes!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scoring with Mr Photoshop

You need certainly guts, luck, practice and skills for scoring goal into the net in NHL. You also need certain things, skills and you name it to succeed in NHL. As D man Duncan Keith Lost the Teeth point out it is just about elite group of 400. You find often how people can easily succeed on social media platforms, often without lifting the hockey stick and scoring. You also get hate by crazy trolls who spit behind computer because their own life is misery and they wish to reach a trophy such as Stanley Cup or NHL WAGs  designer clothes and lifestyle. They are also targeted and victims of abuse but often photoshopped into nines if I can use term from dressing up. Two Chicago Blackhawks girls come to my mind. 

The first victim of uncle Mr Photoshop is a girlfriend of new ice man Jiri Sekac. She is French- Canadian, 18 years old attractive model yet she dreams about perfection. Her body is slim and curvy, she is hot, yet...her waist is airbrushed to photoshop fail. Auch. Maybe reason I like more Kristy who is partner of Corey Crawford. Rocket pocket but more natural.