Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jonathan Toews at White House

With rookie Panarin having 55 points in the season, passing  a record by the captain Jonathan Toews and tieing with NHL record from season 1959- 1960, all Blackhawk team is on good way to clutch Stanley Cup again. They just showed big cuppa to US president Barack Obama at White House. Actually for the third time. I am not sure what Obama does with all those jerseys and hockey passes. The Blackhawks can work as White House guides after the end of their careers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sidney Crosby at Florida beach

Sidney Crosby at the beach horse shoe

Recent leg of the NHL tour by Pittsburgh Penguins is not only about travel fever and lost games on the road. It is also escape from cold winter in Pennsylvania and an opportunity to bask in the sunshine. Sidney Crosby packed his shortd and visibly enjoyed the beach life, holding weird horseshoes. Not sure if he thinks he is a stud or the horse shoe was for his new hobby - horse riding on the beach or..try to be witty - he planned to saddle a seahorse and needed a horseshoe:]] I am sure the girls are melting when they see shirtless Sid the Kid who is close to 30.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Who is best NHLer of last week?

Most viewed players NHL

Stas and numbers, NHL top chart. One is about popularity of the NHL player, other chart is based on official statistics and results such as goals and points.

Favourite NHL player