Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kovalchuk's problem? His play

There has been guesswork when and if bad boy of NHL and KHL Kovalchuk will crawl back to USA ice rinks. He run away like bride Maggie played by Julia Roberts from New Jersey Devils, stumping his feet and telling to his Russian comrades how he hated time in Northern America and never ever option to come back. His return is not planned either, after he was sent packing from his KHL team.

My troll Michelle Kenneth, the blogger who even does not own tiny blog called Inside Hockey, can claim she has virtual non existing friends in Russia, fake insiders, she has super power of reading people's minds and she can speak Russian, the simple ugly thruth is - any ice hockey talent is not a god. Ovechkin has his lows, scrapping fitness level from the bottom of the barell, Kovalchuk seem to be off touch, off reality spoilt brat with no energy and stamina to work or be a part of his team. Fast run from NJ Devils, without any notice, breach of contract does not actually add any positive reviews to his character reference.

Yes he is after money, it is big deal but statistics speak themselves. Kovalchuk is not fit. He was minus 2 in latest game, where SKA Petersburgh lost to Lokomotiv Jaroslavl 2:3 in over time. He is recently in the third formation, too down on the food chain for so called superstar of ice hockey world. He takes a room on the roster, simple fact, his team is losing, so new helpers are called to action. Kovalchuk has still one year contract, unless he throws other hissy fit and runs away, but I doubt it is possible from Russia:]] and he assigned to individual training which means according me more time off. My troll MIchelle Kenneth can continue in her guesswork, ignoring facts and playing a fake insider, how Kovalchuk speaks to her and so on, or he will return to New Jersey Devils. He is 32 years old, out of shape and even wrong choice for Russian home team, USA will not grant him other chance with visa. His bad stats just speak different story. No more guesswork and trolls, please.