Friday, May 6, 2016

Michal Frolik's hooking

When it comes to play off, Pittsburgh Penguins almost eliminated Washington Capitals, Brooks Orpik changed jersey and NY Islanders burnt their chance at home ice. If you remember Sidney Crosby winning the trophy called Stanley Cup back in 2008, he was snapped in the bed..yes, with the cuppa. Perhaps by jilted Kathy Leutner left alone...btw she is often on my fashion blog which is prohibited for her as she sent me nasty email harassment in 2010, but have fun with certain NHLers who are free like birds and on vacation mode. Say drunk Michal Frolik. Apparently I like spoons. Never known to me, but you know fake insiders:]] I am in shock what type of hooking and bodycheck exist:]] I need check his stats and pens mins.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Game 3 - New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Ligthnings

New York Islanders

The game 3 will be interesting for both team of this play off war, it is tied 1-1 between New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightnings. Josh Bailey is back,  I cover their battle on the radio, so tune in, zoom on their captain John Tavares and ..if you search properly back on this blog, when I penned proper ice hockey game posts,  every goal, action in 2013,I have also predicted last season that Islanders are the black horse of the play offs. Well, let's see this season, but anything is lost and won when it comes to outsiders winning titles of the leagues. Say Leicester City in the UK soccer yesterday, Liberec in Czech ice hockey - you remember my post from the Ostrava Vitkovice ice rink how I was bored from their stupid combinations,  so the owner took it to the heart and transformed all system. 

Islanders were always seen as poor weak relative of famous Manhattan cousins, but the Rangers are on holidays and the Islanders continue on the NHL play offs road. Also Florida two NHL franchises are often seen as laughing stock, the costs of the tickets very low, but Jagr changed a lot and he also packed for the rest in the paradise but the Tampa Bay Lightnings are sliding well on the rival's ice rink.