Monday, May 16, 2016

Will Tampa Bay Lightnings catch Pittsburgh Penguins?

Tampa Bay Lightnings are shining stars this NHL play offs, recently facing Pittsburgh Penguins. They both have great Canadian stars on their roster but it is not a battle between Steve Stamkos ft Sidney Crosby but about skills of gloves by their netminders. The Tampa team have their problems with roster, goalie Bishop is out, Stamkos is injured. How far they can fight with ambitious team like the Penguins?

The goalies are the last chance how stop the puck and possible win of the rival team. Tampa Bay Lightnings have two inexperienced goalies Matt Murray and Andrei Vasilevskiy compared to veteran Bishop and Fleury. The rivalry between two teams developed quickly, let's see how they will deal with young guns. Both are described as calm confident powers in the net, talented goalies. 

Murray serves as the first choice for the Penguins while Marc Andre Fleury who was a brightest star of the goalies in 2009, having a record 16-8 in that spring. His heydays are over but he is strong back up for the new talent, making it harder for Florida team to catch up. Valisevskiy is praised for his skills, he already stood in the gate in Game 1 but he is just a spare heir to the throne where Ben Bishops ruled until recently when he left due to his upper body injury. There is no question if he will replace Bishop. There is new question in the Penguins team if older Fleury will replace younger Murray but they both make strong duo compared to weaker Tampa Bay franchise. Good point for the Lightning is - their play off rival has no much data how deal with goaltending skills of Vasilevskiy and find a room for locating the puck behind his backs.

Stamkos has practised, Letang goes gaga, so let's see he does not lay down any goalie like he did with former Russian goalie's daughter Alyonka during their cooking session, with Geno Malkin walking in and asking where is his whipping cream:]] On the goalie maybe? Tune for the stats, live comment and fun with those gossips tonight.