Saturday, June 11, 2016

Will Teal Sharks bite back?

The Sharks von San Jose secured return ticket home..wait, no worries, it is for Game 6. They trashed Pittsburgh Penguins at their home ice 4:2 and asked for repeat mode. Their win was seen as a mission impossible and the Penguins probably had a champagne which I hate in the bucket with the ice. 

San Jose Sharks WAGs don't bite

This one give you better idea about last game and stats and stars. I just add Martin Jones is 1st goalie in expansion era to make 40+ saves in multiple wins. Some smart quotes? Well, NHLers are not known for deep opinions but they need a depth regarding the game, I have something with the lip, ehm, not a cut and not rash from the overgrown beards but horse theme is alive and popular. Just check

San Jose Sharks Pittsburgh Penguins Game 5 review

Unbelievable. He is been doing it all year. He does it every game for us. He is just a stud. Joe Thorton aka Jumbo Joe about their goalie Martin Jones.

Pavelski and Couture have finally seen a light in the tunnel, sorry, in Murray's net. Bat flying out from the net.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jaromir Jagr's new girlfriend Veronika Koprivova is a ,cheapskate'

There was big buzz about leaked Instagram photos of new girlfriend or bedmate of Jaromir Jagr, Veronika Koprivova, who flashed all perks gained from the relationship with the famous NHLer coming from Europe. Not just new car, clothes and Florida sweet life, but often begging for media attention. She added couple of insults to me without knowing me, well, I was a topmodel and I have my own income and I am known as a nun. She called me zero, some teacher [I was teaching also couple of athletes for just one year and teachers are important for education of future nations, better than any stupid WAG or puckbunny trying to catch rich sponsor athlete] who just found out Snapchat exists, in the fact my company produces an app with live stream video etc but the chick has low IQ and high expectations. She also claimed on IN that no one is reaching her ankles. 

Well, after the leaked news about her sleeping logs with whom and where, the list long like Jagr's career in NHL and links to many athletes, bigger evidence found a daylight. Yes, also fabricated smear campaign on me. No big shock when it comes to the brainless bimbo who flashes everything, not just perks gained from catching Jagr. The photos of Veronika Koprivova as go go pole dancer were leaked to Czech tabloids. Yes, the girl has only sexy underwear, but the naked photos were not published yet. Yes, there are naked Playboy girls who were NHL WAGs but they were not hiding the fact and often in long relationship with NHLer. There are rumours she also provided escort service and slept with the clients in Germany and she is good friend with Vladimir Ruzicka's skanky girlfriend. If you know I had shares in HC Slavia and wrote articles about the team, so I have some insight and I can confirm the new gal pal of Jagr is not so innocent. Just some chicks will not mop the floor as charity volunteers and they will not do extra other job to erase debts for their high maintenance but they will fight nails and teeth to keep big Shark on the rod, knock down any girl who is super talented and pretty like Sidney Crosby because she is potential rival or just Veronika has low self esteem and no substance to lean on. A lot of those cheap skanks, i called her for sarcastic British fun and ice hockey a cheap skate because she is after money, will sleep with any rich man and use their bodies as a meal ticket. It is what she did. 

Veronika Varekova stripter

I do not believe that she was in trouble and poor girl left in the abyss of high debts. There is no record she worked for the company she mentions in her proclamation and she is funny kind of the model. It will have to be a modelling agency who owned her money and to be frank she has no one like that and it is up to her she spends money like a water, always waiting for rich sponsor. The NHLer salary is at highest point around his 30 years of age, unfort. for those skanks, they physical appearance deteriorate after 30 and there is always any younger model or puck bunny who is keen to jump into the bed and draft stupid athlete. Trust me fist fights between those cheap skanks are worse than some duels in NHL play offs. No, Jagr's new bedmate is sexual worker and it also speaks about his stupidity how he is blind, except his perfect vision on the ice rink. It is nice he supported her with his funny video but insulting his mother - If she had that body for that speaks volumes how he badly values her. I remember his Oh my mother did not watch my goal I scored because she was tired. I am tired after any game. Poor Jagr. He really needs proper wake up call and think what crap leaves his mouthguard. Like his stupid recognition who is a topmodel and who is a model escort. who is a star and successful businesswoman and who is just a bedmate selling her average body and masculine face to the aged once known NHL star, who reached age of 45 and he is desperado. I will not comment on Vladimir Ruzicka's sick behaviour how he cheated on his dying wife who battled cancer with other cheap skank who is BFF with Jagr's escort dancer super durper model. Ruzicka who once played for Calgary and scored famous goal against Canada in Nagano-Olympics, was a coach of HC Slavia. Posing with cheap looking chav just two weeks after his wife passed away is disgusting. Cheating on terminally ill wife is bad and picking up the lowest of the low, like Jagr, speaks volumes. Not sure how Jagr loves to mock volunteers who help in charity, actually Martin Hamrlik, the brother of NHLer, can confirm I was always into helping in charity and I am mocked for being boring and nun like, but I think it is better to be humble and have success for work, helping and yes, charity work was about mopping the floors. i bet it is better than having WAGina and cobwebs inside swept by half of Germany and 90 per cent of Czech athletes, including Extraliga. Maybe aging Jagr is not so confident to score into unknown places and nets, so he goes for recycled bat with known ways how find the trajectory for the puck lol Do not forget rubber, guys, puck is made from that, but just in case, not just a baby jagr but for any STD etc. we know what a goalie and Hasek can catch. The puck. Not sure what Jagr can catch from Veronika:]] We like that Veronika thinks she is super star in LA, can shop at Sunset Strip, well, a stripter, it matches.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crosby is a genius according Gretzky and The Sharks horrible beards

Two Canadian hockey legends stated what they think about the players involved in NHL finals. The most famous ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky said that Sidney Crosby is the genius and the best player of the world. Interesting, the claim did not left the mouth of Sid's former landlord Mario Lemieux. 'It is not big secret. I think he is the best player in the game', Gretzky shared his opinion about Crosby's talent. Yes, perhaps, certainly, he proves that every season, with his historical records. He also grew up, he is not crybaby Cindy anymore, his beard is also proper facial hair than a stubby with the patches on. Seven months ago Crosby was washed up, but Toews as well, but now it is another cup of coffee. He is playing on higher level, he only misses chances to score, like Malkin - until now, like rivals Thorton, Pavelski. BTW I am not into the beards.

The overgrown beards became topic for other retired NHLer Guy Lafleur.  He said: "Its a disgrace for hockey. I hate it! I don't mind a guy wearing a beard, but not to his belly!" He told to Montreal  Gazette “It’s not a good image for the NHL.” Twitter is full of jokes about beards of Joe Thorton and Bret Burns, with special accounts giving compliments to their mutual interest in bristle on the face and beard oils:]] Growing beards is sort of NHL play off tradition but Brent Burns started to race with his muzzle weeks ahead NHL play offs. 

This one sounds like Elon Musk's example of his physics skills to count aerodynamics than grow his humble stubble  “They can’t see the puck,” Lafleur joked. “That’s why they’re struggling.” I do not think there is a superstition with beards or big hope for the Sharks, as are down 3-1 to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Final. Penguins are strong team on home ice.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

what is wrong with toothless Sharks?

The Sharks tank is not exciting anymore, the Sharks are toothless fairies than scoring predators after their lost at home ice yesterday. The Penguins need just one winning game to reach chance to win Stanley Cup. The San Jose squad mentions more reason why they are less active and without scoring chances. One of them is injured Hertl who started in the first formation. Maybe big shock of system for the rest of the line up? Pavelski and Thorton just sent a wish card to Santa Claus, begging for more goals placed in the Penguins net. Pavelski's former scoring ability before Penguins is history, they seem to be insecure from lost of Hertl and playing with M. Karlsson. Marleau and Couture are also silent, except the rants about face off cheating by Crosby. Vlasic shadowed Penguins captain so badly that it looked almost like a chapter from Keanu Reeves's book about shadows and his nickname Wall, because Vlasic tried to pin Crosby on the boarding and pushing into their box afterwards. He is so good:]]

There are some negative minus points stats linked with certain scoring machines of the Sharks which causes problems for San Jose passive team. Their low amount of chances, confused game, ability to ring on the pipes only by young players such as Donstoi or M. Karlsson. Metallica does not helped at all, but Malkin from Pittsburgh woke up. He was sleeping more than his newborn son Nikita. There is big chance that Penguins secure the win in Game 5, on the home ice. 

Vlasic on Crosby

Monday, June 6, 2016

Warrior helmet and The Shark Vlasic

Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Do you remember the phenomenal show ride of the Pittsburgh Penguins' captain Sidney Crosby with his BFF Talbot across Halifax, NS, Canada? It was almost army circle training - navy, air force, tank. He used an army chopper Sea King, he travelled in the boat as well as in the tank, he also slept with Lord Stanley -  I mean the cup:]] The military atmosphere is back on the track. Sidney Crosby has a warrior helmet. Shame, I miss his mullet a la Mario and Jagr. I just saw a video of Jagr landing at Czech airport with his dumbo bimbo in limbo who played a star stalked by paparazzi whilst she cannot stop posing and posting her selfies with Jagr and his purchases for her. The best joke - Jagr's curls. Long mane. I cannot wait for Sid's mullet, it was prices but he was able to grow proper facial hair this season.

Shame, the Sharks are scarier this season as well. It is 2-1 now, the San Jose team has an advantage of one home game before they fly back to Pennsylvania to cling to the chance winning Stanley Cup. The Sharks's beards are scarier this season, they do not have helmets to look like the Vikings or any warriors. No, I do not mean that NBA team with famous Curry. There is Murray between the pipes for the Penguins, he will slide from the pole to the pole and guard the net, but I bet, that Matt is the last chance to block shots. Yes, the Sharks have scary fish amongst them - Marc Edouard Vlasic. It does not matter that gone is the Hertl's sweater. Vlasic is strong defenceman,  like mellow bad ice at SAP arena. He follows Crosby like a shadow, his ghost, his fan boy. Sidney Crosby had no room to create any chance like pass to Letang for OT goal by Sheary in Game 2. If other rookie put the stamp on the other OT goal, this time for the San Jose Sharks, it is still about the old guards and guarding old veterans who are experienced enough and it means dangerous. 

Vlasic is not underrated player, he is great player in defensive zone, he is all round player which is requested by the modern face of ice hockey. He is not just a household name but you can become a household name by different ways now, just see one hockey fashionista from the Rangers, who worked for Vogue and married a model. His skills? Ha ha. Vlasic blocked three shots in last game and breathed on Pens captain's neck. It seems to be de Boer analyzed the rival's game well, chopped it into small pieces and delegated tasks to each player. With well behaved squads with stiff upper lips and almost no penalty minutes under the belts, it will be more chess game than famous NHL play offs fights and fits with gloves in the air.