Saturday, June 18, 2016

Datsyuk leaves Detroit Red Wings

37 years old Russian player Pavel Datsyuk is leaving his old good NHL team Detroit Red Wings for KHL. One of the main reasons is his family, he stated. He has still one year contract with Detroit franchise - 3 years contract for 22,5 mil dollars, but he stressed that his wife as well as daughter lives in Russia and he wants to spend time with them, that's why he is leaving. He mentioned he wanted to announce his return back to Russia for a while and he feared he will change his opinion. "My family and I are grateful for our time here in Detroit," he said in a press conference during a break at his hockey camp in Orchard Lake St. Mary's ice arena. "This was not an easy decision, but it is time for us to return home."

Pavel Datsyuk

He has been a part of Red Wings band since 2001, never changing a jersey. He won twice Stanley Cup, three times Selke Trophy and he accumulated 918 points in 953 games. Great numbers in his career, so different from the run a la Kovalchuk. His next station in KHL is not known, but it might be St Petersburgh, maybe meeting spoilt brat Kovi is not sci fi. Red Wings fans , wait, there is one hero coming to join the team. Maybe, maybe it is Steve Stamkos from Florida. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

No another Gordie

Ice hockey world say farewell to Mr Hockey, late legend Gordie Howe who is still leading historical charts and records. He on Friday at age 88, after long illness. The thousands people gathered in front of the church for funeral service, with friends, family members and former ice hockey mates stuffed inside the cathedral and at Tiger Club at Comerica Park after the funeral. "There will never be another Gordie Howe," Bobby Orr claimed.

Gordie Howe

His son thanked to Detroit Red Wings , the friends shared the cheerful and funny stories. The owner of the franchise said: "It's been a joy to see so many people coming out and telling all these stories about how Gordie has touched their lives, stories that really have nothing to do with hockey. It's just the man that he was. He brought us up that way, to have respect to help others. I don't know if we can live up to what he expects, but we're trying."

Gordie Howe funeral

His son Marty Howe added : "Gordie never yells at us. He always gives us good advice, lets us go our way and live our lives, and try to give us a little steer here and there. He taught us the school of life. He was a beautiful man." I wish I could say that about other legend, living legend called Elon Musk. Well, ice hockey has more than one way, you need to improvise:]] Howe is on cloud nine now. He was a legend. And history.

Michael Frolik's girlfriend in the fight with the tabloids

Michael Frolik as a player of Calgary Flames is dating and living with the mother of his daughter Ella. His partner Diana Kobzanova who is 8 years his senior has colourful history, dating with Peter Nedved, x rated photos and big mouth. She was a soul of any party, the tabloids on the speed dial. She gave an interview to the Czech tabloids recently about her challenging times abroad. I mentioned her wish to earn her money and be independent as well as she shared with the audience how Canadian/US radio stations are waiting for her to jump on the chance to be a radio presenter/host. Really?

She fights with the Blesk tabloid editor on Instagram recently. Being Diana Kobzanova who landed the radio job in Czechia just for her publicity and media coverage than special skills and experiences, I'd be quiet. I will be even more quiet because she is one of the no celebrities who are seeking non stop attention of the local tabloids and contact them. I like her Instagram and hands on approach to be a mother but be frank. Being a stay home mother supported by a boyfriend, if she has no serious career and she was always bedding rich men, broke one married couple with the baby on the way - soccer player Jiranek, I'd shut up. Moaning about having more than one child and having a part time nanny is also over the top. It is just her daughter Ella who is a link to much younger Frolik, it is about her biological clocks and certain ,capital insurance' to keep afloat and have a family. 

Michal Frolik's bossy airhead Diana

Frolik does not make huge amount of money but he seems to be devoted dad. Kobzanova is not stunning beauty, she is around 33 years old and NHL players are easy prey for puck bunnies. She know  why she conceived a child with younger athlete, after sleeping with a half of Czech sporty crowd:]] I am not sure if Nedved's big dog was able to clean the airport floor with her, dragging Diana behind him, but she has no special skills and certainly no experience to be employed by Canadian or American radios. She just tell this to naive Czech tabloids and when it backfired, she is angry. She has no skills, the skills from her home country do not count. If she wants to make good money and land a job at Canadian radio, she needs to work in English speaking radio, which means to start yes, making tea, from scratch and possibly gaining valuable experience. Any producer will risk money without experienced TV/radio host and a pilot to test waters. Yes, dream big but be real or just shut up and launch your own radio abroad, on BlogTalkRadio. It is up to you gain an audience and create all programm and chat and chat. Sure, they will not pay you but try. Otherwise, you could leave your home country in tender age of 18, no x rated photos, no stupid application to Czech beauty pageant competition and you should start working on your dream in USA. No one holds you back. Yes, recent TV host from UK, from one movie about bullied fat singer, got into the spotlight of LA producers because I attended the movie premiere and I tweeted my photo from red carpet,  next to the photo of him and his wife. The reaction was Whoa, whos that fat bloke next to hot Marketa? But he had a lead in that movie and they could see his great portfolio, so he landed a TV dream job. In USA. Yes, WAGs are funny, honey. Celebrate, Kathy is in public eyes. Drama for puck bunnies.

Sidney Crosby and Kathy Leutner Stanley Cup

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sidney Crosby kissed the girlfriend

Puckbunnies, go to shop for Sidney Crosby's multimillion sponsor deal - Kleenex. He kissed the girl. I mean his girlfriend, for the first time in the public. Yes, we know he has  with her on and off since 2007 and she was also present during his first win of Stanley Cup, but puckbunnies waiting to snatch Crosby to themselves deny any existence of a woman around him. It was an issue for her visible presence at Olympics in Sochi, why I received so many hateful comments after Olympics in Vancouver 2010 but it is the first time that he crawled out with Kathy Leutner.

Sidney Crosby kissing Kathy Leutner

Her first name is Kathryn, no Katherine, Kathryn Ann, as mine is like from Faust - Marketa Helena, but if you do not plan a blast off, except crazy puck bunnies who give up after seeing his photos snogging her after the winning game in the front of cameras, check also photos with WAGs and a booze. Yes, the Penguins tradition, Mario's swimming pool party.

Sidney Crosby, Kathy Leutner and family

Yes, guys, or stalking trolls, because Crosby or me or anybody do not publish a photo of their other half and keeps tight lipped it does not mean he/she is waiting for you, asexual, bad, or no partner. Crosby was always paranoid about his privacy, no way to get hitched to the chick he was spotted with like anyone in British royal family, well, chicks certainly, he also claimed he is known and people love to lurk into his private life. Well, he was no US superstar and Kathy is not Gisele Bundchen making a super power couple, but bear in mind that Crosby is like Disneyland kid star, being paraded since his early childhood in the spotlight as magical kiddo, so yes, this step is quite big step, when he showed Leutner to the rest of the world. 

Sidney Crosby on the cover of Sports Illustrated

I can go with tabloid's way how gain an attention of masses Sidney Crosby, not the girl, forget Kate Perry's lyrics, it is Stanley Cup and he landed a cover of Sports Illustrated. Anyway, he was also photographed with Stanley Cup in the bed, my bells say it was Kathy Leutner who was angry he left her behind and he slept with the piece of the metal instead..but Crosby helped Kathy a lot with the modelling if you remember. The girl was a bridezilla model, posing in any wedding dress for any bridal magazine in tender age of 25, years came and passed, she transformed herself into swimsuit model, even lacking any curves or boobs, but it was Crosby's influence who helped her to enter SI model swimsuit research. Yes, they are still a couple. Marriage on the cards? I do not know.

Sidney Crosby Sports Illustrated

I just know a lot of Penguins [fans] will be cheering on the parade in Pittsburgh streets. There will be street closures today, check the route properly. Lord Stanley goes on the tour. It is their fourth cup in the franchise history, two gained during rule of Mario Lemieux, yes, also Jagr, other two are under the belt of the captain Sid the Kid.  He is the 10th NHLer in history who won Conn Smythe Trophy as well as Hart Trophy. He mentioned that he values his second Stanley Cup over the first one. I just add he has also two golds from Olympics. Thank to you all who are reading this fun sport blog and posts, I see an interest of the visitors and readers culminating around the NHL finals and peaking right now. I will blog over the summer with updates, there will be more time to do so, even I will be lost on the holidays or in Scottish Highlands. If you heard other made up news by trio Landon, Michelle Fake Surname or Graver, no, I am not a pregnant, no, I have no anxiety and yes, I leave the house but no, I do not tell where I am. Also why.I do not share a bed with mum, Landon does, he spreads this crap to UFO Robbie Williams and his wife, I dislike boxing, I also do not plan to travel to LA in the autumn, but let's some girls from Jagr's home country who send me crap and are Jagr's niece's friends to dream about shopping and LA - usually their rude comments to my fashion blog are insults how ugly I am but my designer clothes are great. You know, I visibly see Drozdova who has a nose like after crash with Jumbo Joe and x nip tucks, photoshopping herself into alien to wish she has my designer wardrobe or my status of topmodel with my body and brain, but you know...she has couple of weird bags posing with them nonstop, rags from Chinese fashion retailers, a boyfriend living in LA with dad's money and travelling here to visit him, buying here cheap crap clothes, taking them back to Prague and selling them on their so called fashion website as her fashion collection:]] they have none if she will have, she will have money in stock, she will have a storage and she will be nonstop in LA for manufacturing. I am here like twice per year checking my denim, that's all. If Sidney has an apartment in Pittsburgh Downtown. Yes, he has. Why? I do not know. For relax after Kathy Leutner's shopping? Storing Stanley Cup?

Sidney Crosby shopping

More photos of Sid and Kathy shopping in parfume shop in previous posts.

Marketa B. Linden W. exercise diet

Yes I am paid better for sport broadcast than UK based football pundit Gary Lineker but do not tell it to his ex wife Danielle who lives in LA now and plays to be rich girl and big star waiting for her break into film industry in Hollywood ripe age of 37  and without any portfolio and experience. Well, like deluded airhead with airbags Diana Kobzanova, a partner of Micheal Frolik. Yes, they wait for her in Canadian radio stations when she has no previous experience. She got US passport  since a childhood. She could pack bags than posing naked, breaking one marriage with baby on the way, yes, rich soccer player, bedding other athletes and using her body and funny Czech fame to secure a spot in funny radio. No one, female haters and Landon as so called film producer, hold you back. Your lazy bum and hate. I just knocked down a decade younger so called swimsuit model, in reality social media chick posing with swimsuit every day, with my swimsuit photoshoot - yes I have better body and she has horrible blond bleach, and priceless one liner I have my own cab app, on her I have free Uber rides across NYC. With my Look on my curves 92-60-88cm and I can code. Yes, work hard like champions. Do not try to be like them if you sit in the arm chair watching sport on TV. 

Sidney Crosby warrior prince

Sidney Crosby laptop

Small tidbit about Sidney Crosby from my article. No, I am not a dietician, I have no Crosby's media coverage and I do not care. I do not think people should be judged if they have a pot belly or not, but take inspiration for summer from Jonathan Toews reading books, a half about mind and brain, other half about your body. If we come to food, yes, stick to water, like Sidney Crosby, me and co and do not be fooled by crap of certain celebs who are not athletes at all or studied art colleges and are all gluten free but no way crap free. 

Sidney Crosby diet drink water Marketa B. Linden W.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Yes, I said during NHL finals it was a terrorist attack

I know a lot of big social media accounts and platforms ban or block comments with opinions that it was a terrorist Muslim attack in Orlando gay club, but it is true fact. The man was the lowest of the low, ISIS crazy fan and ISIS promoted this horrible crime. Even Turkey who tries to get into EU as dictatorship raising voices against gays and women's rights published horrible article how 50 perverts were killed. The same trash you hear from murderer's father who is insane enough to pose as a president of Afghanistan - we worry what he is doing in USA, thinking local Aghan police will listen to his commands and his opinions about gays how God will punish them, is also against US law and should be treated as a crime. The parents often stay behind the opinions of their kids, this one was born in USA. 

Yes I said that atrocious crime was committed by Muslim Terrorist born in USA, influenced by ISIS and it is the second case after the San Bernardino's mass shooting. There was other unhinged crazy bloke in LA, with the similar plans. I have no problem to call it by the real and right names and yes, I said it on the TV during finals. No, I was not fired out and many people heard my opinion. It is not just about gun control and new law about psychological tests for the firearms holders. One important facts if you are unhappy with Facebook, Reddit or Twitter - Twitter did not ban an account of British born female jihadist yet, who can spread threats and hate. San Francisco was always about money, hipsters and hippies  with love, drugs, freedom, often anarchists, too much liberal exots who love their money and they want to run a country but they are also shouting that everyone can do what they want and they are so called arbiters of human rights etc. They are often owned by Saudi Arabian RF or moguls, say Uber right now. So we know who rules the waves+hippy dippy crap and mentality of Bay Area. I don not mean San Jose Sharks or the athletes. My harasser Landon is actually a part of gun lobby, his late father's company is trading with arms but he will be cheering on tweets Ban guns in USA, spread love. It is not about love, it is about the facts that crazy murderer under influence of religion and yes, gays are hated by Muslims and their faith so they should not be protected but if you disagree and you spread something like Marteen Sr he needs to get a marching order to the prison and face punishment. Or buzz of USA and crawl back to your Afghanistan. It will actually make smooth way for Donald Trump and UK exit from EU. This one was last drop. If you use VPN or a proxy like my trolls do, maybe you do for the sake of watching Hulu in your country, I do, it is safer, you see how people are apparently in Colorado but we know they are in London. It is VPN and it helps you to obey geo ban for watching certain TVs. The same thing is about increased boom of smaller tech start ups outside of Bay Area, start with mentioned Colorado, Arizona, go to the birthplace of Sidney Crosby in Canada, yes, Halifax is new start up big thing, more in UK etc. Actually the power from SF will be shifted to other places because there is nor a room to breath. Let's see if San Jose Sharks will be able to be on the top next season, it was amazing ride by them. Also great shock. 

Stanley Cup for Pittsburgh Penguins after 7 years

Slow beginning, waiting for the chances and mistakes, that's all sums up the Pens plans leading to winning Stanley Cup. If San Jose Sharks set the feet, sorry skates, for the first time in their NHL finals history, Pittsburgh Penguins are matadors, mavericks or veterans, but their beginning of season was also slow start and waiting for chances, they did a lot of mistakes along the boards. The lounged at seed 12 in Western Conference but they climbed up and bounced back to place 2. If the captain Sidney Crosby shared the huge cup with the injured players of his team, it speaks more about the pain and hope during season. The results were visible - won 14 games from last 16, clutching the biggest trophy after win in 2009 when Crosby was almost a rookie and real kid.

Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup winners 2016

The former core of original Stanley Cup winners from 2009 aged and changed. Only couple of them stayed on the roster, Malkin and Crosby having problems with the scoring ability and leaving room for youngsters to secure wins, Fleury sitting as back up goalie, number 2 behind young confident Murray.  Pittsburgh Penguins claimed the title, the fourth  in their franchise history, after beating San Jose Sharks 3-1. The Pens ruled the Tank ice and being more pro active team with 27 SOG, also keeping nerves in mode ice,ice, baby compared to 43 hits by the Sharks-double of Penguins defensive work. And the Pens know how play on the ice and on the nerves, Brian Dumoulin scored the opener for Pittsburgh squad at 8:16 in PP.

while netminder Matt Murray made 18 saves in the effort to keep his team standing and fighting, he was maybe happy with the goal by Logan Couture's wrist shot at 6.27 in the second period, tied game 1;1 but Pittsburgh fashionista and hair poser Kris Letang replied within a minute at 7.47 and the Pens were again one goal ahead, leading the battle of Stanley Cup 2:1.

San Jose has plenty of chances, with Vlasic back on the ice in the last period, but Jones made more saves than ever as Penguins put higher pressure to finish the deal. 

"It's the best feeling ever," Penguins forward Phil Kessel said of winning his first career Stanley Cup. "I'm so proud of all these guys. We had four good lines, we rolled them over, everyone got along great. We fight for each other. Just one minute before the time of the third period the puck ended behind Jones's back, directed by Patrik Hornquist into empty net, winning Game 6 with 3:1. Crosby did not score but he was behind assists on last two goals by Pens players and it means he starts to be a team worker than solo player waiting for pucks served to him for better stats. 

I can tell you, nice fans and also puck bunnies, where we lived. Penguins did not camp at South Pole but in Downtown San Jose in Fairmont Hotel, we were accommodated in Country Inn, Mountain View, you, know, I love a swimming pool. I can tell you a secret - it was not a small party for Penguins, they were almost equal to the Sharks, drunk like fish.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Who's the winner of NHL Play offs?

Will Pittsburgh Penguin seal their win in Game 6 and touch the gold aka Stanley Cup? Will home team of San Jose Sharks be able to force Game 7 and fight nails and teeth for their chance and dream being a champion? 

Pittsburgh outshot San Jose 46-22 at their home ice but lost 2:4 to San Jose Sharks who will have an advantage of their home arena. Their goalie Martin Jones was their big support and pads lean on, he gloved and saved 42 shots. "Their goalie came up big in Game 5," Penguins defenseman Kris Letang said. "We have to tweak our start. Our Game 5 start was not that good. You could see against a team that's that skilled, they're going to make you pay if you're not ready from the start. I think we have to get into the same mindset but have a better start."

San Jose Sharks

Melker Karlsson is not third - his original or the first line up as Hertl's substitute but the line up number 2. His wings are not clipped, big mouth Logan Couture is scoring more than speaking out recently, Patrick Marleau is not one of the best paid hockey players, he is good too. The OT goal hero Donskoi will be comrade in the crime with Pavelski and Thornton who woke up. Finally. It looks like the Sharks have certainly three equal formations facing well established Penguin squad. The Pittsburgh franchise trained special formations on PP, it is their strength, so let's see how Couture will make rags from polished Letang and co. Not sure if Malkin will travel to other team after the season. I heard, just rumours. 

Sidney Crosby

If you heard I have new contract and Monday spot on TV for Face Off, yes, it is true. Also is true I have still a sport domain and I have big plans with that, something like news outlet, say Yahoo sport news Puck Daddy. Other reason they signed me up. If you heard any crazy malicious lies about me, yes, it is my eternal troll Michelle Kenneth aka real Michelle Hatcher and her sidekick Arthur Landon. So no, I have no short hair cut aka bob, I have still long hair, I do not care if so long like Burns's beard. If you heard that this duo of psychopaths and abusers, harassers, also harassers in my case of sex harassers tries to delete my post on Medium, it is more about Michelle, including her verbal abuse about me, yes, it is true. The person asking removal of this post is actually Arthur Landon, a violent psychopath who makes hell from my life spreads smear campaign about me, wanted to kill me, sends threats about violence and he is on drugs, but gener. the bloke is paranoid anxious baddie who is happy to spread mess about anyone else and threat violence but if anything is said about him, posting his real face, he fights back. I just add he faked a female lawyer of the legal company to remove a press release about me filing a restraining order against him in NYC. Restraining order is still valid and I just need to sign papers to police to charge him one thing I do as soon as I am in UK. Its after this game. Pens have everything to gain, I have anything to lose, just shut up the mouth to the crazy harasser and I do not know if I am a fan of the Sharks or the Pens. 

PS: If you ask me if Kathy Leutner as Sid's gf is present here, no, she is not, also colleague said, she was not present in Game5. Calm down, puckbunnies.