Friday, July 1, 2016

Jagr at film festival

It is years and years back when Jaromir Jagr ordered his horse driven carriage to be ready for pale fragile blonde dressed in pink floaty dress looking like me and we spotted for the first time his niece Pavlina, who has real surname Kallova if she does not changed into Jagrova, for better branding. We always missed Jagr in Carlsbad, Czech republic at film festival. He was present in famous spa town for hockey award, it is about movies this time and a special secret promo for Jagr, who checked his gambling on iPhone all the time. 

Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr ponytail

His new partner, pole dancer Veronika ,Nettle' apparently wanted to step at the red carpet and feel the magic of the celebrity, because she already posed at the walk of fame in Lalaland but we know airheads. Jagr has also new head, new hair style, new beard, but silver in his facial hair reflects his real age of 44, the infantile tee is funny enough. I actually like the dress of his bedmate. I bet we need to adjust to the NHL major trend - flip flops. I warned you!:]]

Jaromir Jagr

Jaromir Jagr Veronika Koprivova

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stamkos stays, other leave

Changes on the NHL rosters are quick, some franchises gained big names, other players will become free agents soon. Steve Stamkos will not change a jersey for next eight year and he stays in the locker room of Tampa Bay. He joined their roster in 2008 and 8 are his lucky numbers. His next 8 years in the Lightnings jersey gains him nice $68 mils. Not bad. 

Steve Stamkos

Not the legend but a rookie, 21 years old Seth Jones signed 6 years deal with Columbus Blue Jackets, skyrocketing annual salary goes from rookie level of $925.000 to $5,4 mils. He was acquired from Nashville and it looks like he will stay for a while in Columbus. Columbus tied with one more talented young player, Pierre Luc Dubois. He signed for next three years.

P K Subban

Big transfers happen across NHL. The biggest one is Weber ft Subban. Shea Weber packs the bags from Nashville for cold Montreal, exchanged for P.K. Subban. Yes, that D man who is always mentioned by me as great strong man who is able to drag my suitcases along the way. Montreal Canadians GM Marc Bergevin called this transfer as the best time of his life, he was very amused from Weber's arrival. He has still ten years contract and he belongs to the most expensive NHL players, which means that the Canadians will fork approx. $7.85 mils each year for next decade, Subban will gain around $9 mils for next six years. 

Shea Weber