Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jonathan Toews wild wet party

Get over TayTo aka Taylor and Tom's July4th wet and seaside fun and forget Stanley Cup celebrations by Pittsburgh Penguins by Mario's swimming pool. There is better kiddo on the block, in da town, on the ice..Jonathan Toews. The image of Captain Serious is gone now. He melted and punched this season, he struggled and he ended at the bottom of his stats, but he is starting to show his wilder hidden side.

Lindsey Vecchione birthday party

All kicked off with birthday party for Lindsey Vecchione. Although she looks cute on the photo, the video says other thing. Lindsey and Tazer look both smashed properly in the videos. Some tweets by Jonathan Toews supporting LSD raised eyebrows in ice hockey pond recently and it looks like he skates on dangerous ice rink. He was always into fun during summer break but there was still cap what's over the top and limit. He is off rails now. Not just for smoking the pot..for Aubrey and his crap etc...

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sidney Crosby's golf holiday

Sidney Crosby golf

We can say we know what Sidney Crosby is doing during summer time. He stays in Pittsburgh, sorry, Halifax, no return to his homeland, maybe not for a while. He did not start his fitness preparation - usually LA, California and Boulder, Colorado. He is playing golf. Not so bad, it is a sport where you walk a lot, you play against yourself and it is good sport up to the ripe age. He is still sophomore:]] 

Sidney Crosby golf

Well, he does not walk a lot, he is using golf cart like Patrick Kane did in Las Vegas.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Free agency for NHL

Paradise for NHL free agents signing kicked off. Who are winners and losers? Do NHL team count injured and lost souls on their rosters? Who is licking wounds and who is singing Ode to joy? Tampa Bay Lightnings comes to my mind. They secured already injured but important fixture of their squad, Steve Stamkos. He is not gone, other teams cleared cap space. How?

The captain of Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews, busy in Arizona with his LSD, open relationship fan and fitness guru Aubrey, tweeted excitement from the return of Brian Campbell. Just for one season but he was playing in Florida and helped them to secure Stanley Cup. Bickell left the team. Shuttle bus was busy between Nashville Predators and Montreal Canadians. The Predators acquired PK Subban, big deal, offensive d-man, handy man. 

Two Canadian teams from the west frontline are fighting well but they lack experience of the veterans. Experienced Milan Lucic might help to change their way of thinking. Hall is gone, Lucic in, let's see changes alongside young talent Jesse Pujujarvi. The Flames sealed the contract with other veteran called Troy Brouwer, the net will be secured by Brian Elliott. Enough to stabilize the room for defensive actions and open field for young guns to score. 

NJ Devils will not miss my troll Michelle Kenneth, real name Michelle Hatcher but they poached properly. The first trophy is Taylor Hall, I bet his crazy puck bunnies are moving to East Coast with him, but Shero fished well in his former Pittsburgh pond which is visible. How great Ben Lovejoy is a free agent. Other Pittsburgh boy Beau Bennett is also on their roster. Here we go to the big signings. Yes, big pay cheques and big long contracts. Who is behind the drama? 

Florida Panthers secured their two players who could be free agent birds - Keith Yandle and Jason Demers. Quite bargain here. Aaron Ekblad once rookie compared to the supertalent Crosby is another cup of coffee. The Panthers aka Kittens with the mittens jailed him for eight years paying worth $60 million. The goalie James Reimer was signed for five years, $17 million as a replacement for Roberto Luongo. Do not cry, guys, because my espresso will become coffee luongo, Roberto has only hip injury, no hip replacement. Vincent Trocheck agreed on a six-year, $28.5 million deal.

Pavel Datsyuk said farewell in better style than run away bride Maggie to Detroit Red Wings but they offered the six years deal for $31.5 million to Frans Nielsen and he agreed to become Datsyuk's clone. Thomas Vanek will net  $2.6 million next season. Dallas Stars signed Dan Hamhuis for two years at $3.75 million per season. Eric Staal landed a three-year deal worth $10.5 million in Minnesota Wild. Changes continues. Stay tuned.