Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer in NHL

NHL season is off, the ice hockey players will just start the first phase of their off ice training. What they do in the summer? Jonathan Toews is back to his Manitoba lake house, fishing and moaning that Lindsey girlfriend always catches the bigger fish. He also enjoyed other water activity -the jump into the lake. Hope he will not start diving like Sidney Crosby, who was hated for that in Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers are fans of the stretching and yoga. You will get one ticket free if you join them for a lesson of the yoga. Their players were doing similar funny moves last season.
Philadelphia Flyers

Ben Lovejoy enjoyed Stanley Cup in his hometown, other skaters talked about concussion, say Gabriel Landeskog from Colorado Avalanche. Some golf for Johnny Gaudreau  and Scholarship Golf Tournament. Or 24 hours bike challenge by Carolina Hurricanes.
Carolina Hurricanes