Friday, September 9, 2016

Sidney Crosby and the girlfriend

Crosby, Toews are nominated to World Cup. Sidney Crosby was named a captain of Team Canada but the pre season before the games kick off is long and quite boring for some not real sport fans. Call them puck bunnies. We know that term. They call names any WAG and female sport journalist around NHLers. I will show you photos of Kathy Leutner who was actually recognized as his girlfriend in public recently - posed at Stanley Cup winning game, but the nasty women cannot get over the fact he is attached or they try to find some flaws.

Kathy Leutner Sidney Crosby

OK, I am not big fan of Kathy Leutner, but no way she is fat. She is a model, good looking and no, she does not use Photoshop. She is still good looking, although she is not high fashion model. She has never claimed she is. Any woman on close up looks bigger than she is, shame we cannot see those stunning superbrainy and supermodel like female trolls, their slim toned honed bodies behind PC screens. No, Kathy Leutner is not a cashier and she did not model for Ralph Lauren. RL is too far for her, but she did model for many typical brands  and she still does catalogues, no worry about her income.

Puck bunnies talk Kathy Leutner Lindsey Vecchione

Jonathan Toews is 6'2 I am sure trolls can google and it is said in any official statistics. Lindsey Vecchione is my height of 5'6 and you can easily spot it when the couple is standing next to each other. She was bottle girl in the nightclub, hardly strange job, it is a way how Tazer has found her. If you are jealous of her, well, you should apply for that position. And yes, the silly disputes who is worse looking, Tazer's gf or almost wife of Crosby is still entertaining until the real games start. I cannot wait! If you wish to see really bad Photoshop fail, check this face filter - the sharp border (do not skip her heavy make up) on my troll and Jagr's crazy fan Michelle Kenneth - fake surname, real age 47.

Michelle Kenneth crazy Jagr's fan