Thursday, September 29, 2016

Next World Cup yes, Olympic Games for NHL no

Money prevailed over the heart and national pride, said couple of NHL players who wanted to play in South Korea at Olympic Games. NHL decided about the ban for NHL players at next Olympics due to the high danger of injuries, health insurance and zero income from Olympics for NHL. But World Cup gets blessing for the next year, because it brings nice profit into pockets of NHL. Read the older article how much they get into their coffers.

New plans are made for next year, they plan also European leg of the tour, perhaps Germany or Switzerland for the sake of drawing bigger crowd and increasing popularity of ice hockey oversea. Well, let's see, My Face Off program starts soon, every Monday, so stay tuned. Yes, there will be some podcast.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Canada in the finals

The audience of WHC 2017 saw amazing circus packed with the actions, scoring by the captain Sidney Crosby, quick responses by the Russians, and see saw game play, leading to Canadian win over Russia 5:3. If Ovechkin is stuck with the pain to score and he sent only Toews onto the boards, Crosby proved them wrong and ruled during the game. Three goals were speaking loudly. His opener was again wrap around dance and it was Team Canada who had better puck possession during the game, with the Russians breathing on their necks and trying to tie. 

Sidney Crosby's opener against Russia

Kucherov responded in the second period and tied the results to 1:1, Kuznecov stirred the pot after couple of minutes and his pass to Dadonov landed behind Price's backs. The Russia was in the saddle with 2:1 but Canada bounced back in the last period. It was Bonfire night for Crosby's crew - Marchand's wrist shot increased their chances to 3:2, and it was 5:2 in the middle of the last period, when two goals were added by Perry and Tavares. Panarin tried to save Russia scoring their third goal in the end of the game but without chance, 5:3 for Canada who is in the finals of WHC 2017 and fighting for the gold. Again. 

Jonathan Toews taking thumble by Alexander Ovechkin

Canada: Price - S. Weber, Vlasic, Doughty, Bouwmeester, Burns, Pietrangelo - P. Bergeron, Crosby, Marchand - Perry, Toews, Couture - Stamkos, Getzlaf, Tavares - Duchene, R. O’Reilly, J. Thornton. Coach: Mike Babcock.

Russia: Bobrovsky - Zajcev, Orlov, Jemelin, Markov, Marchenko, Kulikov, Nesterov - Tarasenko, Kuznecov, Ovechkin - Panarin, Malkin, Kulyomin - Kucherov, Anisimov, Namestnikov - Dadonov, Telegin. Coach: Oleg Znarok.

Corey Perry after scoring goal for Canada