Monday, October 10, 2016

Jonathan Toews seen at the Cubs finals

The captain of Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews was spotted at the game of other Chicago based popular sport team, Cubs. He actually posted a selfie on his Instagram, with his girlfriend of 4 years, on his side. The both teams of Windy Town share not just cheers for each other but also fitness tips how stretch the body. if you spotted Tazer doing pilates, he took an advice of one Cubs player. 

Jonathan Toews Lindsey Vecchione at the Cubs game

Regarding his girlfriend Lindsey Vecchione, ok, she had some past as trashy looking bottle girl in the nightclub, but she has never been naked, she does not hurt you - if she does by the fact it is not you on Tazer's side, well, wake up. She does not send me nasty stuff like some oh I am so well bread socialites not just from NHL - well, one is from NHL, and Tazer is amazing athlete and sport star but no way he is running to be PM of Canada, US president as well as he is not crown prince of UK and if we look into crotch watch squad who married into UK and Swedish royal family. If we look on Lindsey's work as a hair stylist, even part time, and her help with charities, say Tazer's charity with kids with special needs, she is doing fine and better than Kate Middleton prior and after marriage. You can buy better clothes, you can tame horrible brown tan or get better hair, but you will not change a character or personality and buy new jersey and hockey stick and play NHL games it will never make you new Crosby or Toews.

Lindsey Vecchione

Lindsey is pretty girl, she toned down her look and as many my male friends, who do charity and are nice, their partners work and are nice. Everyone has some history and you can see reverse way on Kate Middleton when you rant how trashy Lindsey Vecchione looked, she looks like nice girl next door compared to next UK Queen who from plain Jane morphed into Easter egg with orange tan and horrible thick eyebrows, after the marriage with the royal and she did not work at all!! LV is just dating an athlete and if you wish to be dating an athlete, well, find one and stop trolling.