Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Is Kadri planning to be a puncher?

Kadri was always a fixture of Toronto Maple Leafs for some times but audience saw different Kadri in last two games in Western Conference games. He can score goals and he netted 6 and added 12 assistances this season which is impressive start on his side as he was less capable in last seasons, but he is very physical as well as vocal. That's the change. He almost escaped from sitting for couple of games and suspension after his brutal hit on Daniel Sedin of Vancouver Canucks. And there was other attack on other player, also good scoring machine.

Is Kadri going to be physical? Taking hits, giving hits. Also Jonathan Toews changed his attitude and dropped gloves in last season but there is a difference between the new way of playing on Kadri's side and two way centre like Toews who likes to grow vertical gardens and was scouted by Musk family. Kadri seems to be growing trees but not in Prince Charles's hugging way, he is on every lips like other Toronto shouting wannabe Meghan Markle and his tree building is stopping scoring machines of rival teams to score. It is apparently his new way of playing - score for your team and block opportunities of rival team, which means to block and hit.

“He’s more of a dancer than he is a boxer,” Rielly said. “He’s skilled, a good skater and he has all the aspects of the game you want in a top-six guy. For him to be able to do that — score goals, make plays and also play against the best players in the world and keep them off the score sheet — that’s pretty impressive.” It means in his micro world that he also acts like a shadow of any rival scoring supremo, like Connor McDavid, who was followed by him, until he hit him (or tried to hit on him: as his crush:)) with every moment, but daresay, Kadri is scoring goals,certainly as new type of physical player.